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How It Works


Empact Ventures and Hays have been working together since 2018

The focus of our work has been to connect tech startups and scale-ups together with corporates, SMEs, funders and the public sector to explore collaborations

We’ve co-designed 16 physical events in 9 cities and towns across the UK and 3 major virtual events

In January 2020, we co-designed the Hays Tech Startup report featuring Starling Bank, Cudo Ventures and as case studies

In September 2020, we co-founded and co-designed the Super Connect for Good Competition with Hays across the UK and Ireland. Later expanding into Europe in 2022

In March 2022 and 2023, we co-designed the Tech for Good report profiling the Top 100 Innovation Finalists from our 2022 and 2021 competition.

In 2023, we will launch the Super Connect for Good 2023 Global Competition covering the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and new for 2023 Asia.

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Empact Ventures are global super connectors who co-design initiatives, scout for world-class innovation for larger organisations and funders and open the right doors at the right time for tech startups and scale-ups.

Hays is a leading global professional recruiting group, the experts at recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people worldwide, being the market leader in the UK and Asia Pacific and one of the market leaders in Continental Europe and Latin America.

Our 2023 Prizes are worth €200,000

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Super Connect for Good 2023 Competition

“We are delighted to have been chosen as the winners of Super Connect for Good 2021! It means a lot to have been chosen from amongst such high-quality companies. The whole competition has been a great experience. We’ve already had some really valuable “super connections” and look forward to more!”

Dr George Frodsham | Founder & CEO, 2021 OVERALL CHAMPION

Where should my company be based in order to be eligable to apply?2023-05-17T12:06:49+01:00

The competition is only open to tech startups and scale-ups with a legally registered office in one of the countries listed in the above regions tab.

When submitting your application you tick the region where your company is legally registered and not where you as an individual are based in the world.

However, if your company is registered outside the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Asia you can only apply if you have a legally registered subsidiary in the mentioned areas registered before 17th May 2023

What is the deadline to apply for the competition?2023-07-18T09:08:31+01:00

The EXTENDED deadline for submitting applications is 31st July 2023 at 11pm (UK Time). You can submit applications anytime before this deadline.

Existing Applicants: If you have already submitted an application and you would like to update it, please email

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram 


What information is required within the application2023-07-18T09:03:46+01:00
  • Location and which region they are applying for

  • Innovation vertical(s) you are applying for (if applicable)

  • General Company details

  • Pitch Deck (required)

  • Demonstrate how your product can benefit society

  • Revenue (if applicable)

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram 

What are the commitments I need to make if am shortlisted2023-07-18T09:07:12+01:00

If you are selected as one of our Top 100 Innovation applicants, it is essential that you attend to pitch and exhibit at our Top 100 Innovation Showcase on 5th October 2023.

If you are selected as one of our 10 Regional Winners, it is essential that you attend to pitch at our Virtual Final on 29th November 2023

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram 

If I have already submitted my application can I update it?2023-07-18T09:07:44+01:00

If you have already submitted your application by or before the original deadline and you would like to update your answers or your pitch deck, please email

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram 

I have more questions about submitting an application what should I do?2023-05-16T16:01:31+01:00

Before submitting your application, we advise that you consider and review our optional Application Guidance below:

1. Example of a Successful Application: We’ve shared previous winners application with their permission to illustrate how a successful application looks from a triple award winner here

2. Pitch Deck Guidance & Template: We’ve put together this document to share our guidance on what slides to include in your deck and the information that could be present on each (Note: This is an optional resource) here

3. Join our Application Support Call: If you’d like to find out more about the competition or ask any questions to the Empact Ventures team, please sign up to book yourself into our next call hosted by our CEO, Kosta Mavroulakis.




If you have any more questions, please email

I have an idea can I still apply?2023-04-19T23:34:06+01:00

You can apply please select you are Pre-Seed within the Innovation stream if and only if you have a working prototype with little to no funding, traction or exposure; initial seed capital between £/€0 -75,000)

I applied in 2020 and/or 2021, can I apply again?2023-07-18T09:03:14+01:00

Absolutely, we welcome all previous applicants, finalists and winners to apply again as there are both new opportunities to win with new innovation categories and different impact challenges create each year.

For example, QV Bioelectronics was our North of England Winner 2020, and returned in 2021 before winning the same region again and also being selected as the MedTech Winner

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram


How do super connections work?2023-05-17T12:28:47+01:00

Empact Ventures are global Super Connectors who open the right doors at the right time to help the right people and organisations achieve the right mutual outcomes. We act as super-connectors for tech startups and scale-ups to open the right doors to potential partners, clients and/or funders to address their challenges.

Our mission is to create an Empact by mobilising local to global networks to help people and organisations to address their challenges leading to an aggregate social and/or economic impact. We bring people and organisations in the private, public and third sectors based on mutual interest in a facilitated way to create new collaborative partnerships.

We welcome anyone anywhere to get involved in our initiatives, projects and ventures to help us help you address your challenges today and tomorrow through our Super Connect Me process which works as follows:

  • When you apply to one of our initiatives or register (and attend) our events you are required to register your business challenges (e.g. investment, marketing), collaborative outcomes of interest (e.g. pilots) and your innovation verticals.
  • Based on this, we will facilitate warm email introductions to potential partners, clients or funders from our global partner network of 90+ organisations where you broadly match their eligibility criteria for connection as we only super connect both sides based on mutual need
  • Our introductions are made up to 12 weeks after the initiative/event has taken and only to those that either apply to our competitions or attend events
  • In some cases (e.g. with investors), we may need to share your information (e.g. pitch deck) for the connection to decide if they wish to be super connected
  • We can also provide you with access (by email) to our 500+ past and present supporters, speakers and judges from our previous initiatives where they’ve opted-in to be super connected

There are also opportunities to connect with others in any of our virtual events through the Video Speed Networking and Digital Expo

For the Super Connect for Good competition, we provide all applicants with 5 super connections, all finalists with 7* super connections and all winners with 10 super connections* while any attendee that registers and joins the events

* This includes the 5 super connections for applying

To learn more about our approach read more in the ‘Rise of the Super Connectors’ piece in leading tech publication, Maddyness here

How do I submit an application2023-07-18T09:15:20+01:00

You can submit an application by filling in the relevant application form depending on your location by visiting this page here

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram 

How do I recieve my prize?2023-07-18T09:02:42+01:00

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram 

Once the relevant stage is completed (e.g. announcement of the winners), we will facilitate a super connection to the relevant partner to organise your prize. It is the winner’s responsibility to ensure that they receive their prize from our partners. They may be obliged to follow additional criteria or provide extra information to the partner. This will need to be discussed with the partner. 

Prizes will be issued between 1 – 12 months after winning. The timescale of using your prize is then at the discretion of the partner and if you do not claim the prize within this time period, it may be allocated to another finalist. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for monetary value. The value of the prize is final and binding and cannot be challenged or appealed. 


Can I apply to multiple Innovation Verticals?2023-07-18T09:06:50+01:00

Yes, you may apply to one or more Innovation Streams if your product falls into more than one of these areas

Please note: Only select General Tech For Good if you fit into 2 or more of the innovation streams or if none of the other innovation streams are applicable to your business.  If this does not apply to you please don’t select general vertical.

In our 2023 competition, we have a specific Impact challenge. If you feel your technologies could be adapted to support the Wate Crisis or mental health and wellbeing in any way and you would like the opportunity to showcase this please select this option when applying

Once you have applied follow our social accounts for updates and information Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram 

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